Acacia Honey

Harvest time: April - May
Harvest area: Piedmont
Consistence: Liquid
Color: Clear to pale yellow
Bouquet: Floral, fresh friut and candy
Flavour: Very sweet, sugar-coated vanilla

Acacia honey is undoubtedly the best known and most appreciated among Italian honeys. It is preferred for its light color, almost transparent, for its sweet taste and because it naturally stays forever liquid.

Our Acacia honey is produced in the uncontaminated forests of the Roero and Monferrato, where the plants grown abundantly and in May are covered with fragrant white flowers from which comes the precious nectar that bees collect with great greed and turn into excellent honey.

Due to its features Acacia honey can have a variety of uses both as table honey an excellent sweetener, for the preparation of sweets and in combination with different types of cheeses (especially fresh ricotta and goat's milk, mascarpone cheese and blue cheese) or with yogurt.

Serving suggestion

The Acacia honey is the sweetener for excellence. It can be used with cheeses such as ricotta, fresh goat cheese, mascarpone and blue cheese. 

Great also with yogurt. Thanks to its extreme digestibility it is considered the ideal honey for children.

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