Dandelion Honey

Miele Italiano di Tarassaco

Harvest time: April
Collection area: Piedmont
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: Light beige
Bouquet: Dried flowers, wet hay
Taste: Infusion of chamomile and vanilla

Dandelion honey is produced in early spring, when the farm begins to be colored by yellow, typical of the flower from which the honey comes from.

Dandelion honey belongs to the category of highly flavored honeys. The color is clear, yellow-ivory in the solid state. In the mouth the flavor is nuanced, agreeable, recalling infusion of chamomile, with a strong feeling of freshness.

This note of fresh in the mouth is due to the type of crystallization that is naturally very fine. This honey is normally very creamy, very appreciated and excellent to be spread.

Serving suggestion:

Excellent with cheeses of intense flavour. It's very good with Roman pecorino, Tuscan pecorino and Sardinian Pecorino.

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