Fir Tree Honey

Miele Italiano di Abete

Harvest time: July-August
Collection area: Piedmont
Consistency: Liquid
Color: Almost black with greenish
Bouquet: Balsamic, Smoked
Taste: Resin, malt, caramel

Miele Italiano di Abete - Brezzo

The fir tree honey is produced in the fir tree forest of the Alpes of Cuneo in the summer months. It has a dark color with greenish tints. It's very appreciated for its fragrance of balsam and resin and for its aromatic note.

The flavor is less sweet than other honeys, with an aroma of medium intensity and very persistent. 

The fir tree honey remains liquid for a long time. This honey is considered quite rare because the production is often inconsistent due to adverse weather conditions. The fir tree honey is particularly rich in minerals.

Serving suggestion

The fir tree honey is mostly a table honey and it can be well combined with both fresh and seasoned cheeses (Parmesan and Pecorino).

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