Forest Honey

MIele Italiano di Melata di Bosco del Roero

Harvest time: July-August
Collection area: Piedmont
Consistency: Liquid
Color: From dark amber to black
Bouquet: Stewed fruit, caramel
Taste: Malt, fig jam, dried fruit

The main characteristics of this honey due to the high content of minerals salts and enzymes. For this reason, forest honey is one of the favorite for sportsmen. it is considered one of the most complete honey thanks to the many substances, some present in minute quantities, able to react positively in our bodies.

The forest honey, unlike other classic honeys, is not produced starting from flower nectar but from the collection of bees on sugary secretions produced by an insect (Metcalfa pruinosa) that parasites different plant species in the forest.

The color is dark, sometimes almost black and it always stays in the liquid state. Both the aroma and flavor are very characteristic and special, different from nectar honeys. For this reason, the forest honey is very often appreciated even by those who don't love normal honey.

Serving suggestion

Thanks to its well-known salty and acid note is particularly suitable for use in the kitchen, for example as part of seasoning. The complex fragrance of honeydew may be a pleasant surprise when paired with cheeses such as Toma di Murazzano or Roccaverano, Taleggio or Castelmagno. It is excellent in cold drinks.

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