Lavander Honey

Harvest time: July
Collection area: France
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: From pale yellow to beige
Bouquet: Lavender flowers and aromatic plants
Taste: Delicate, fruity, ripe fig and almond.


Lavender honey is undoubtedly one of the finest honeys that it's possible to find on the market. The color is pale yellow, and the crystallization is very rapid and with fine crystals, very pleasing to the palate for the soft and creamy consistency.

The most characteristics note is given by its perfume recalling lavender flower and its very delicate taste. These characteristics makes it instantly recognizable and appreciated by consumers.

Serving suggestion

Lavender honey is very fragrant, for this pairs well with cheeses like Montasio and in general the medium-aged goat cheese. It is also very indicated for fresh cheeses like Toma.

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