Mountain honey of the Maira Valley

Miele di Montagna della Valle Maira

Harvest time: June
Collection area: Valle Maira (Province of Cuneo)
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: Shades varying from beige to amber
Bouquet: Intense, floral
Taste: Sweet, rich and flavourful

Our honey made with Alpine flowers is produced in Valle Maira, a stunning, wild and uncontaminated valley that rises from the plains of Cuneo and climbs up to the French border. Here, in the month of June, when the meadows are covered with colourful and very fragrant flowers (yarrows, rhododendron, bellflower, wild thyme), the bees collect honey with unique qualities.

With a beige colour that tends to amber, this mountain honey crystallizes quite slowly, acquiring a very pleasant texture on the palate. Its floral and slightly aromatic note makes it a highly appreciated and very versatile honey.

Serving suggestion

Its floral and slightly aromatic note makes it an excellent combination with mountain cheeses or lard. It is also widely used as a sweetener for tea and infusions.

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