Orange Honey

Miele Italiano di Arancio

Harvest time: April - May
Collection area: Sicily and Calabria
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: Yellow if fluid, white if crystallized
Bouquet: Orange blossom
Taste: Sweet and delicate

In a hypothetical ranking of Italian honeys, orange honey is the second honey after acacia for popularity and volumes of consume. The orange honey color is always very clear, it can be pale yellow when it is fluid, but in the solid state it must turn to white.

It generally crystallizes with soft crystal that give a pleasant feeling in the mouth. Its flavour and its aroma are very delicate and recall the flowers blossoms on which the bees have collected nectar.

For its aroma and unmistakable scent is one of honeys most used in confectionery, especially for the preparation of nougat.

Serving suggestion

It pairs well with cheeses from the area of origin such as Ragusano, Caciocavallo. Great if used for breakfast and as a sweetener in cold drinks.

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