Sunflower Honey

Miele Italiano di girasole

Harvest time: July
Collection area: Abruzzo and Molise
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: Yellow
Bouquet: Pollen, hay, wax
Taste: Medium sweet, ripe apricots, refreshing.


To remember its origin under the hot sun of summer, the sunflower honey is immediately recognized by the beautiful and bright yellow color.

The sunflower honey does not have particularly strong aroma and is recognized especially for the fragrance that reminds the taste of the pollen and wax, and for a medium-sweet flavor.

One of his most marked characteristics is the refreshing feeling that gives to the palate.

Serving suggestion

Excellent as table honey, very used in confectionery and food industry. It matches perfectly with cheeses such as taleggio, Raschera and Toma.

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