Thyme Honey

Miele Italiano di Timo

Harvest time: June
Collection area: Sicily
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: Beige
Bouquet: Delicate, aromatic herbs
Taste: Thymol, herbs dried by sun


The thyme honey is collected in the arid area of eastern Sicily (mainly in the area of Iblei mountains) at the beginning of the summer.

The thyme honey has a particularly strong and distinctive aroma, very persistent, pleasantly pungent. Fort this reason it is very much appreciated by connoisseurs, that expressly look for this variety of honey. The thyme is characterized by a pronounced aroma of thymol, immediately noticeable on the palate, with a hint of dries herbs.

The color is quite dark in the liquid state and tends to get clear when honey is solidified. Due to its characteristics is recommended in combination with strong flavored cheeses as well with seasoned and spicy ones.

Serving suggestion

The thyme honey can have a variety of uses in cooking, particularity in combination with seasoned and spicy cheeses.

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