Wildflowers Honey

Miele Italiano di Millefiori

Harvest time: From May to August
Collection area: Piedmont
Consistency: Crystallized
Color: From light beige to brownish
Bouquet: Depending on the predominant area
Taste: Depending on the predominant area

The crop of Wildflower honey is made during the summer months in our Po Valley and includes an enormous quantity of different flowers that bloom at the same time (mint, clover, solidago, yellow melitot...)

We define millefiori those honey that cannot be classified as single flower because it is the result of the union of several different blooms.

For this reason, wildflower honey is the honey that best express the richness and uniqueness of an area, summed up by the bees in a beautiful harmony of color and flavor. 

Serving suggestion

Millefiori honey is the best one to use at table. Great sweetener, it pairs well with all types of cheese.

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