Honey creams miniatures and boxes

Honey creams can be enjoyed also in the mini version. The case of wood, the elegant gift box and the practical and fanciful exhibitor (each with an assortment of five different flavors) are available in this format. 

The wooden box is an original idea, presented in a pleasing shrink pack, with base in wood. 

The gift box is elegant and colorful rectangular acetate pack, perfect for a tasty and original gift idea. 

The exhibitor is a very interesting proposal, ideal for breakfasts and snacks. In addition to a familiar use, this product is also directed to Hotels, Resorts, Sport Centers.



Net weight

Pieces x cart.

Expiry date


MINIATURE HONEY CREMES (assortment: hazelnut cream, almond cream, gianduja cream, coffee cream and pistachio cream)

38 gr.


30 months


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